‘A Game of Dice’ audio recording

Well, I’m no John Facenda (for those of you who remember the great voice of NFL Films) or Pavarotti, but here’s your chance to hear me read one of my new poems. “A Game of Dice” is published in the newly-released Issue 112 of Verse Wisconsin. My reading is one of 10 audio recordings from the new issue that are posted on Verse Wisconsin’s website. To hear me read the poem, click here.

To order print editions of the new issue, click here.

Several poems — those on the theme of parents and children — from the issue can be read online. Many others, including mine, are exclusive to the print edition (or, in the case of “A Game of Dice,” also in audio form).

Verse Wisconsin is a really strong publication, and it’s especially cool for me to be included in the same issue as the Milwaukee poet Antler. I studied his work almost 25 years ago when I went back to school at SMSU, and some of his best poems are included in two anthologies I have: Maverick Poets (used in a creative writing workshop I took), and Pierced by a Ray of the Sun (a gift from my librarian sister-in-law).

My friend and the great poet Phil Dacey has also been published in VW, although not this issue. Phil was also the subject of a long interview in Issue 105 of Verse Wisconsin. To read the interview, click here. (it’s worth it).

Thanks for reading (and listening!).


2 thoughts on “‘A Game of Dice’ audio recording

  1. Dana,

    Fabulous! I love technology. I get to listen to Dana Yost read a poem while I’m at the Crowne Plaza in Edina with Jim.

    Such a vivid poem, and so understated yet the way these men are connected is palpable. Congrats, Dana!

    I’m not familiar with Antler, but I’ll check his work. That was cool that you’d read him so long ago in your creative writing class and now you’re in the same issue of a fine literary journal. That was great how you paid homage to Phil as well.

    I’ve invited Phil Dacey and David Allan Evans to give a joint reading at SMSU, and they’re game. We’re shooting for next September. You may want to drive up for it if possible. Two poets in their 70s, friends since 1970, still writing, new books, at the top of their game. Inspiring.


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    1. Thank you, Marianne! I am glad you like the poem. It’s pretty linear, but, through the understatement, I hope readers gather that there is much more going on that what is on the surface or even than on a level below the surface.

      I felt the same way about the value of technology when I was able to watch Jim’s Marsco reading at SMSU a couple weeks ago via his and your posts on Facebook — brings together poets and readers who otherwise cannot always make it to readings.

      I don’t know too much about Antler other than what I read in his works. He was at one point the poet laureate of Milwaukee. He has been around a fairly long while, and his works can range from pretty radical/experimental/political to some really tender or spiritually reflective pieces.

      Phil has been such a mentor and supporter of my work for a long time, that I thought this was a good way to let more people know about his work — not only he is a terrific poet, but, of course, he’s one of the smartest people I know when it comes to explaining how poems work, and is so familiar with a big range of poets, styles and forms. That would be wonderful if he and David Allan Evans can make that reading work!

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